Unique Tiny Homes Provide Shelter and Safety for Haitians

House made from grain bin- Safe T Home
aerial view of a small Safe T Home village
Haitian people inside a Safe T home

GoServ Global transforms the lives of the impoverished by providing for basic human needs, developing local leadership and establishing sustainable communities. Co-founded by an Iowa farmer and a missionary in the wake of a devastating earthquake in Haiti, GoServ Global provides essential humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in communities around the world.

GoServ Globals efforts are having a positive impact in 5 different countries around the globe, including Haiti, Guatemala, India, Peru, and the United States.

Projects in Haiti include several uses for a unique tiny house built in Sheffield, Iowa by Sukup Manufacturing Company. Recognized for building grain bins, grain dryers and material handling equipment, Sukup is also the creator of Safe T Home®. The highly modified grain bins bring relief to families without housing, many of whom have not had a place of their own since the  devastating earthquake in 2010. Nearly 200 homes have been provided in Haiti. All of them withstood the 145 mph winds of Hurricane Matthew which hit Haiti in October 2016, with minimal damage. Many lives were saved as up to 60 people crowded into 1 home to ride out the storm.

Safe T Houses with hut in the middle
Grain Bin Safe T home with sunset behind

The total cost of each home is only $7,000, which includes the cost of the structure, shipping and locally sourced cement. GoServ Global mission teams put the homes together on site along with local residents in just a few hours, using only simple hand tools. The homes are 254 square feet and include a loft. A specially designed heat shield, interior perforated copula and continuous eve vents keep it cool and comfortable inside. Step in and see for yourself at TinyFest and learn how these tiny homes are improving lives.

logo for GoServe Global has green globe and a cross

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