You Built It Yourself?? That's SO Cool!!

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Check out the awesome DIYers that showcased their homes at TinyFest 2018!

two young people sitting on the hood of a school bus that has been painted sage green

One Wild Ride

Lexi and Tyler have a 2001 International School bus that they’ve converted into a home on wheels. They recently sold all of their belongings and moved into their bus to travel full time! TinyFest Midwest will be first tiny house festival they have taken their home to and are excited to share their home with you!
photo of a bed up in the loft of tiny house. The peaked roof is about 4 feet above the bed. The space appears cozy and soothing. It has a variety of shades of gray with a few aqua blue pillows

Tiny House On Wheels

Stephanie’s tiny house on wheels has full-sized features in a pint-sized home. Her 200 square foot THOW features a loft with a King bed and another for storage. The love seat also has extra storage space and can convert to a single bed and to a desk. The home also has a RV flush toilet & full size shower. 
Photo of a van pulling into a small garage. The van is mint green with graphics on the side that have mountians and a logo that reads "United We Roam" The van doesn't look like it will be able to get fully into the space. Its too big


Sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dillon and Katie will not be able to attend.

a pick up hooked to a tiny house on wheels. It is a basic rectangle with a shed roof and several small windows


Oliver, the tiny home on wheels, was built in only 4 months, despite the facet that the DIYer owners worked full time and had a limited budget. Their build has a antique claw foot tub, 100yr old barn wood, and a kitchen with unique drop down ceiling cabinets. The house is now home to 2 humans, 1 dog, and 3 cats. 
photo of a small school bus turned into a camper. The bus is sitting in a clearing in the forest with camp chairs sitting out in the grass beside it.


Sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Masyn will not be able to attend.
the front view of a tiny house on wheels. There's a cute blue table and chairs sitting outside by the steps to the house. The house is a medium brown color with a historic door.

R&B Tiny House

Randy & Beth built their Tiny House in Omaha, in the driveway of their daughter’s home. It took them 2 years to build and complete it, but every inch of it is handmade. There are lot’s of personal items in the design even a couple of gnomes and their gnome homes. Enjoy these roaming gnomes and the stories of their owners at TinyFest Midwest. 
photo of a school bus that has been renovated to a home. The bus has painted sage green and is sitting in the shade under a tree.


Back by popular demand…Viggo, a 40 ft skoolie, is making it’s second appearance at TinyFest. The bus conversion was completed primarily by herbalist and homeschooling hero Raven McGinnity. Viggo serves as the home to her family of 6. The McGinnity family strives to have little negative impact on the earth. 
photo of a woman in her mid 40s standing in front of an camper from the 70s The words Camper Renovation are written in red in large letters


When not supporting and helping Luke and Cole with their projects; Greg, Angie, & the boys’ order sister Lizzy enjoy working on their own project.  They have begun a project to restore a vintage 1972 Kayot Camper. This will be their home away from home on family camping trips and tiny house festivals. 

photo of a yellow school bus that has blue stripes on it. The stripes make it look a little racy and sporty

Simply Schooled

Sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, The McClory will not be able to attend.
woman in a bright yellow shirt standing by a small white van.


Jeanette will be back at TinyFest Midwest for her second year and with her second home. She was very excited to move into her new conversion van this year and is excited to share it with you! She’s also looking forward to showing her tiny rolling home at the tiny house show she is organizing for Veterans Outreach Program of Illinois.
exterior view of Off Grid camper house

Off Grid Home On Wheels

Mike Gingerich, otherwise known as “Puzzle Mike”, built his solar powered home-away-from-home to live in during the months he is on the road. Mike travels to major festivals around the country and sells handcrafted wood puzzles for more than half the year. He spends the remaining months in his workshop building up inventory for when he hits the road again.
photo of the top of a School bus which has been made slightly taller

Paging Adventure

Sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Samuel and Jordan will not be able to attend.
photo of a homemade small camper. Most of exterior is wood shingles with a red door. the bottom half is painted blue and has a red stripe above it

Thill Custom Camper

14 year old Cole Thill is welding, grinding, cutting and framing this unique camper from the ground up.  Salvaging doors and windows from a much larger 5th wheel, is just one way he has reused and reclaimed materials for this build. He plans on using it on family camping trips, and touring to tiny house festivals like TinyFest Midwest! Come check out his unique creation. 
photo of a long white flat top van in front of flat rock cliffs lit up by the sun. It appears to be a southern landscape like what you mind find in Arizona or New Mexico

Keep On Vannin' On

Sorry! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Matt and Hannah will not be able to attend.
photo of a small white bus with 3 big windows and mint green trim. The sky behind the bus is a bright orange sunset


Jazmine and Brandon built their 2002 Chevy e3500 shuttle bus in June of 2017. They only had 3 weekends to build it out because their lease was ending and they were still working full time. So…  they built the bus in 6 days. No, that’s not a typo… they built a bus in 6 days!  Jaz and Brandon will be your live video hosts at TinyFest Midwest. 
exterior photo of tiny house on wheels in the snow. The house has blue and brown siding and several white windows

Clinic on Wheels

This off-grid mobile medical clinic is operated by Cornerstone Nonprofit Healthcare. It is in a 28′ long tiny house and is used to assist Omaha’s under-served with sliding scale prices. Built by Maverick Tiny Homes.
exterior photo of a tiny house on wheels. It has cedar siding a flat roof and dark green Door and trim. It looks like a cabin

Rob's Trailer

This tiny house is a work in progress. Only the exterior is complete. It is a Tumbleweed Epu Model with cedar siding and a steel roof. Rob Ethers will be using it as an off-grid hunting shack on private property once the inside is complete. He’s sure to get a lot of great ideas at TinyFest Midwest on how best to finish the interior! 


BurlBus is a 1992 International school bus that is being converted into a tiny cabin-like dream house. The owners have been working together to build this home in their spare time over the last 3 years & it is finally near completion!