Professionals builders from TinyFest Midwest 2019...

image of white gloved hand pulling back a deep red theatre curtain to reveal the words 'Something Big Is Coming' The word big is crossed out and "tiny" is written in it's place. Bottoms of image reads "Brand new design unveiling at TinyFest"
dark colored background has the words "Wood Joiners" written on it
Image of camper van with the side door slid open and a young woman sitting in the doorway. There iis a golden retriever sitting in front o her.
logo in the shape of a van with the words "Van Do It" inside the fan in fun 70s style font. "You Van Do It" is written underneath
tiny house (not on wheels) that is dark gray and has bright white door and window
White background with black graphic of horse drawn cart. Top of cart reads "Built Better to Last Longer" Underneath it says "Classic Buildings"
photo of shed house. dark gray house with pitched roof and a front porch.
White background with black graphic of horse drawn cart. Top of cart reads "Built Better to Last Longer" Underneath it says "Classic Buildings"
a custom tiny home in the midst of being built. needs exterior finishes. The words "almost ready for you!" are written in bright red
black and white logo with a graphic of mountains. The words "Mountain Top" above them and "Tiny Homes' below them
photo of a cabin on a flat piece of wide open land.
drawing of two canoes sitting at the edge of a lake with grass and trees all around it

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DIYers and Tiny Dwellers from TinyFest 2019...

photo of former school bus turned camper in the woods. The but is painted in stirpes 1970s shades of yellow & red


The Jobe Family
two teenage boys standing in front of a homemade teardrop camper. The camper in parked by a river


Luke & Cole Thill
photo of jeep grand cherokee pulling a custom teardrop camper. The wood camper is very short and has long horizontal window.


interior photo of the kitchen area of a bus turned into a camper. The space is light and airy with light colored woodwork

Simply Us and A Bus

The Tokarz Family
photo of a young couple standing in front of a van. It's a blue camper van that looks rather unassuming.


Mitchell & Liz
A large "tiny house" still hooked to the truck. It's set up on the side of the road in area that looks like a desert and has mountains in the background. The sky is a vibrant blue with brilliant white clouds

Tiny House Shannanigans

Shannon Reece
Photo of a small 'Tiny House' it's sage green with black and white trim.

Tiny Farm House

SB & Matty
couple proudly standing together in front of their converted school bus.


Josh & Hillary Love
A newly built vardo gypsy wagon. Painted teal with a Cooper roof and wood accents

El Moondragon

Lori Rogers
Closely cropped picture of a new white van parked on a city street.

POH (Pursuit of Happiness!)

Evan Finton

WeBeBusin Olivia

Terrie and Corey Webb

The Lorraine Bee

Mark Mitchell

More Coming Soon!

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