You're Gonna Love The Simple Living Marketplace in 2019

Visit booths by these businesses and more!
logo reads "mpowerd"
logo with a green yellow and purple flower. Reads "Daring 2 B Different"
logo reads Hemp- Health-Tea-Beauty on the top and Midtown Kava below . In the middle is a brown tea kettle with green leaves pattern on it
logo with large word "Norwex" Written below that is Improving quality of life
hot pink background with T-Mobile written in white, simple logo
The words The Cocoa Exchange Independent Curator written in plain font in shades of brown and teal blue
logo with three narrow leaves leaning in from left to right. The letters "CTFO" are beside them. Underneath it all it says Changing The Future Outcome
logo with thumbprint on the left and "Green Thumb Gardens" written beside it
The words Tower Garden by Juice Plus. To the right there are plants planted vertically in a pot
photo of a variety of packages of protein powders and granola bars all by the same company
graphic with a black backtub with what looks like purple bubbles. There is the shape of a woman in the bath with her legs kicked up a little.
The words City Scape Design each written vertically. It looks a bit like a bar graph. Each one is in a different color - yellow, orange, teal
a blue diamond shape with the word "Cutco" beside it. Underneath is written The World's Finest Cutlery
The words "Compost Collective KC" in simply black letters. Underneath is "curbside food waste collection" written in green. There is a thin green line surrounding the words.
logo with a circle of three elegant hands and modern type that reads Zilis The Ultra Company
logo with old fashion water spicket like one might find on a farm Words read "The Wright Soapery Small Batch Soap Now Go Wash Your Hands"
logo with modern font words that read "Chromagraphic studio"
Words read "Kansas City Canning Co." black letters on white background
logo reads "Englert Leaf Guard" has a green leaf on each side of the words
logo had blue coils with the words "viltron energy blue power" beside them
image of a light yellow lemon with the words "Sour Lemon Beverage Co" written across it and "Applecider Vinegar lemonade" below it
light gray background with words "Made in Kansas City" curving over the word "Colorblokc"
art made from wire and coral colored rock in the shape of tree wit the words J's SG Style in flowing font
the words "Colorstreet" with 6 dots of different colors next to it
black background with the word "Scentsy" written in simple white letters
white background with the words "doTERRA Wellness Advocate" written in simple black letters
logo that features the word Elevacity in simple white front on a black background
logo has the words Custom Works Remodeling, Inc. with the roofline of a house above it
logo reads SoK Body Wellness with a rain drop above the words
logo reads "patriot contracting Spray Foam Insulation Home Remodeling 816-805-1752"

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