TinyFest Midwest features a full line-up of presentations and workshops to fill the weekend with information and inspiration! Topics include not only numerous aspects of going tiny, living tiny and creating tiny, but also sustainability, minimalism, creativity, healthy living, and natural living.

Here is just a part of the amazing group of presenters at TinyFest Midwest 2018…

man with yellow safety glasses on using a chop saw. The saw is in the foreground along with a pile of cut wood pieces

Keynote Speaker - Derek ``Deek`` Diedricksen

That’s right… The famous Deek Diedrickson will be right here in the Midwest!

You may know Deek as the former host of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and “Extreme Small Spaces,” or maybe by his Best Selling book “Microshleters,” or possibly via his being featured on Yahoo.com, UK Daily News, China Times, DIY Network, and the History Channel!

Deek’s work has been featured in The NY Times and Boston Globe, and ALL OVER YouTube via his oh-so-popular YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/relaxshacksDOTcom

Maybe you know of him as the host of “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” TV in YouTube or as the author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here!)”  Maybe you know of him as one of the early pioneers of the tiny house movement. Well, now you can get to know him as the Keynote Speaker at TinyFest Midwest!

Meet this builder of micro masterpieces and salvage divo at TinyFest on Saturday, June 16th and enjoy his inspirational and entertaining presentation on the main stage Saturday afternoon. (Time TBA soon)

Bonus: A Deek Diedricksen workshop LIVE at TinyFest!

Deek Diedricksen has hosted build workshops all over the country, but rarely gets the chance to hold one here in the Midwest. He’s one busy guy you know!!

Jump in on this rare chance to join his workshop in Omaha at TinyFest Midwest on June 16, 2018!

“Tiny House Building Workshop 101” is a hands-on build workshop.

Get up close and personal with this knowledgable and entertaining tiny house expert! The workshop is limited to 35 people so sign up SOON before it’s sold out.

Register Here: Tiny House Building Workshop 101

head and shoulders image of Kim Kasl wearing an orange jacket

Kim Kasl - MN

Kim Kasl lives with her family of four in their 267 sq. ft Tiny House in Minnesota. They downsized from 2000 sq ft in 2014 and now can be a one-income family, homeschool, pursue passions and adventure, and say Yes! to every opportunity! Kim’s pursuit is to normalize family-style minimalism in a culture where “stuff-gluttony” is the accepted norm. Her mission is to affirm for families that on their journey to family-style minimalism they will remove the excess and be abundantly blessed!

black and white photo of a middle aged man's face. He's wearing a baseball cap and glasses and a partial beard. He's standing against a brick wall

Darin Zaruba - CO

Darin J. Zaruba is a speaker, writer, builder, developer, advocate, and tiny-house industry thought leader. His inaugural Tiny House Jamboree set the stage for the movement-to-industry evolution in 2015, and he is currently involved in changing the face of the development industry through factory-construction, and simple/smart/sustainable developments across the US.
head and shoulder photo of a vibrant woman with long blonde dread lock hair

Masyn Moyer - CO

Masyn Moyer is story teller, bus dweller, dream weaver, fire starter, modern hippie, decidedly single, dirty deed doer! Moyer formed The United Mobile Living Association, a membership-driven trade organization for the mobile living community and industry. In collaboration with members, the association is a force for the industry in advocacy, policy and increasing affordable, sustainable and innovate housing options.
head and shoulders picture of a man with white hair and silver glasses and a big smile

Jack Dody - CO

Jack and Marilou Dody live on an off-grid homestead on the plains of Colorado, within sight of Pikes Peak. Jack has been designing and building “alternative” housing since the late sixties. Details of his homestead construction,  are available at Abundaculture.org. Information includes how you can build a solar electric system, developing rainwater catchment system, passive solar designs, organic food production in the hardest places and composting toilets. Their goal is not to “rough it,” but to use new technologies to live well while living off the grid.
Head and shoulders picture of a 14 year old boy with light brown hair and slight smile . He is wearing a black t-shirt with a logo of a tiny house and the orange door of the tiny house can seen in the background

Luke Thill - IA

Luke built his first tiny house starting at age 12 years old.  The 89 sqft house was a great learning experience and he documented much of the build on his YouTube channel.  After his debut in the tiny house community at TinyFest Midwest 2017, he has been recognized around the world launching the young tiny house enthusiast.  He takes great pride in helping to inspire other youth and teens to start their own tiny house builds.
head and shoulders picture of a young woman with vibrant pink hair, blue eyes and a big smile

Stephanie Kubes - MN

Stephanie Kubes is a single-mom who is a Certified Veterinary Technician and spent 5 years planning and researching for her build before proudly becoming a Tiny Homeowner in the fall of 2017. She and her 5 year old daughter now live in their tiny home, The Willow Tree, and refer to themselves as Two Girls and a Tiny. Stephanie began as a client with Midwest Tiny Living but quickly evolved into the Project Manager for the company. She plans to transition her career full-time into helping build Tiny Homeowners!
young woman kneeling in a sunny prairie with flowers in front of her. Raven is wearing a straw hat and has long hair and a big smile.

Raven McGinnity - MO

Raven is a bioregional herbalist with a clinical practice in the Ozarks region. She enjoys talking to plants, making medicine, and working on her family’s 250 sq. ft. school bus conversion. Her and her partner, Oaken, have 4 beautiful children that enjoy the simple life in nature. They can be found at www.ravenandoak.com.
head and shoulders photo of a woman in her thirties with a slight smile and sun streaming in on her

Melody Mike - NE

Melody is a woman who wears many hats. Adventurous and creative, she loves spending time outdoors and encouraging others to be Lean, Clean, & Green.  Come hear Melody teach how to live a life of MINIMALISM WITH KIDS, and as a family! Yes, it is possible! You can visit her blog at: BigFamTinyLife.com
head and shoulders photo of a clean cut man in a collared shirt with short hair and a big smile

Thom Stanton

Thom Stanton, is a long-time advocate of “legitimizing and legalizing” movable tiny houses as code compliant dwellings and permissible full-time residences. A small space visionary, 11th generation builder, and tiny house how-to educator, Thom and his wife Midge live on the road as “full-timers” helping DIY builders plan and prepare to “go tiny.”